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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

ARSE66ZBW Controls

Why does my side by side amana frig (model ARSE66ZBW) freeze anything near the back wall of fridg ?
Everything near the back wall, on any shelf, freezes. Why?
On your Amana model there are a couple things I want you to check. I think that you have already double checked your temperature settings but check the temperature again and set a little warmer if possible. Many times this is not the issue causing the colder than normal temps in the fresh food section. Your model ARSE66ZBW has something called an auto damper Click Here=> ARSE66ZBW Controls Then you will see item location number 8. That is your 12571701 Auto Damper I would like you to see if frost or ice is blocking the vent and causing it to remain open. Read over this service manual=> HERE This manual is not the same as your model but has all the instructions needed to test the components I am discussing. Test the Auto Damper, check all vents inside fresh food compartment, thermostat (if Running Continious) and if damper is stuck in the open position without ice causing the problem the manual and I will be here to help you test the thermostat embedded into the damper to see if the damper itself will need replaced, Looking to here from you, Thanks, Sea Breeze
Part Location 8 in above photo is the 12571701 Auto Damper